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Dentures are ways of replacing multiple teeth and can be made to as ‘partial’ or ‘full dentures’.

How are they made?

Your dentist will work with our experienced lab technicians to construct bespoke dentures for you. Our dentists will spend time with you to figure out how you would like you dentures to look. The process will involve impressions, taking measurements for the shape of your mouth, a trial stage and a final fit stage once you are happy.

What are they made from?

There are many materials used to make dentures including acrylic and metal. Our dentists are also trained to make Valpast dentures which are a new, flexible material renowned for beautiful aesthetics and long term strength. Our dentists will be able to discuss all options with you and decide what is best.

What if I have never worn dentures before?

Dentures can take a lot of getting used to, especially when they are a brand new set. Sometimes, new dentures will require small modifications after they are complete to ensure they are comfortable. Our dentists are happy to spend time reviewing and easing your dentures to ensure they are comfortable.